Work with your families to understand if they have flexibility in their required days of care.

It is normal for families to have a requirement for care for a set number of days (eg. 3 days every week), but many have flexibility around choosing what days of care they require. Some may have family members who are happy to help out a couple of days a week but can be flexible. Others may need to work 3 days per week but have flexibility as to which days these are.

Understanding this flexibility is extremely valuable when it comes to maximising your centres occupancy.

EnrolNow provides an opportunity for all families to share these options with your childcare centre. These options are then utilised by our algorithm to maximise occupancy at your centre. Even better, increasing your occupancy will mean you are meeting the care requirements of your families more often.

In a recent example at a high occupancy centre (>95%) we ran allocations for 2017 with and without flexible preferences from families. When using their flexibility we were able to increase their annual allocations by 7 permanent places per week (mostly on Fridays!). This outcome reflects over $40k in revenue upside for the 2017 period.