Enrolnow One- Preschool Administration Software Diagram

EnrolNow One – Preschool Administration Software

EnrolNow One is a flexible CRM style database ensuring one central source of truth. Built for kindergartens and preschools, and customised for each client.

Seamlessly connect all the required functionality for your service via comprehensive reporting. Plug in additional EnrolNow modules for Digital Sign In, Tour Bookings, Invoicing and Payments.

EnrolNow One offers the most efficient way to manage waitlists, offers and enrolments online, to deliver benefits all year round.

Enrolnow One- Preschool Administration Software Diagram

Improve Efficiency
& Save Time

Save your time and parent’s time. No more data entry, no more incomplete forms or reconciling payments.

Customised For Your Business

Multiple customisation points, from email templates to tailored enrolment forms. Ensure the software works specifically for your service.

One Central
Source of Truth

One central online repository for all data and communications. Gone are the days of parents returning piles of paper forms.


Up to data data means up to date reporting. A suite of class reports, student status reports and data are always on hand.

Preschool Administration Software Diagram

One child, one journey, one source of truth.

EnrolNow One is a flexible CRM style database, enabling one central source of truth for your organisation. Whether applications are managed directly or centrally, EnrolNow One is a flexible solution.

Every organisation is different resulting in a necessity for processes to also be different. The EnrolNow One automated processes will be tailored to meet your services unique requirements.

Preschool Administration Software Diagram

Preschool administration software designed specifically for each client.

A comprehensive implementation process ensures the EnrolNow portal incorporates all the functionality required.

Centralised Enrolments

  • Customised application form incorporating all services.

  • Prioritised applications with custom priority of access criteria.

  • Manage multiple years concurrently.

  • Personalised offer emails (by service).

  • Full suite of customised forms, emails, reports, and more.

Early Year Managers

  • Manage waitlist applications directly or upload council list (or a combination).

  • Customised dashboards and views ensure you have an eye on all children, all services as required.

  • Access super license for the EYM and restricted Service view with specific permissions (as determined by the EYM).

  • Full suite of customised forms, emails, reports, and more.

Independent Kindergartens and Pre Schools

  • Direct waitlist applications or upload of council lists.

  • Full suite of customised forms, emails, reports, and more.

  • Maintain child records all year round with access to reminders, email templates and update forms, as information for a child changes the single source of truth ensure services have up to date student information on hand when required.

  • Use the App for educators to easily access child information.

The Benefits of EnrolNow One

  • Deliver a customised experience for your parents
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Avoid incomplete submissions
  • No payment reconciliation
  • NQF compliant
  • Professional communications with parents
  • Remove all data entry
  • Have one single source of truth
  • Easily transfer from one committee member to the next
  • Increased data security
  • All data can be downloaded
  • Customise your own reports at any time

An end-to-end system designed & built for sessional kinders and holiday programs

From application or council upload, to offer, to enrolment. From 3YO to 4YO. Our preschool administration software provides a single up to date record of each child ensures your service has all their information on hand, as needed.

Key Features of EnrolNow One

  • Customised online forms
  • Customised email templates
  • No username or password, for parents
  • Set mandatory fields so no incomplete submissions
  • Collect payments via credit card
  • Manage and track status of enrolment
  • Collect all agreements to your policies
  • Parents can attach all required documentation
  • NQF compliant
  • Detailed class reports
  • Data securely stored in Australia
  • Task & workflow management
  • Setup different profiles and user access
  • Export uploadable KIM reports
  • Emails to advise of each new submission

Endorsed by leading institutions

EnrolNow One Addons

Digital Sign In Sign Out

Easily sign children in and out using our online platform.

Tour Bookings

Allow parents to book a time to tour your service directly from your website.


Manage Fees, Payment Options, Payees, Invoicing, Reconciliationand Reporting all in one place.


For quick notifications to parents and staff, EnrolNow SMS widget allows another seamless method of communication.

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