We exist to realise a future we know is possible.

Through industry-specific software, we enable highly efficient, informed enterprises today, for brighter futures tomorrow.


We exist to realise a future we know is possible. A future where Australia’s early learning industry is operationally optimised, highly efficient and commercially thriving. This is the fire that fuels our future-forward bellies. We’re passionate about innovating the industry, because we know the exceptional outcomes up for grabs; world-class, profitable enterprises, engaged staff, more accessible, high quality childcare, happy parents, and a buzzing economy.


We’re a fresh, highly focused player with an acute understanding of Australia’s early learning sector. Informed and insight-based, we develop bespoke software informed by the everyday challenges, wants and needs of our customers; the businesses, operators and people we care to know so well. Our customer’s reality, together with the industry in which we operate, lives at the heart of everything we design, iterate and innovate. We never deploy technology for technology’s sake. We innovate from insight.

Adaptive & Agile

To remain ahead of the game, we relentlessly evolve our products, our brand, and our team. Scanning the landscape, we never sit still. To move forward, we evaluate, correct course, and do it all again. Adaptive by nature, and agile in execution, we’re always ready to pivot.


Underpinning our brand lies a non-negotiable framework – a triple threat formula etched deeply into our DNA; the pursuit of efficiency, visibility and profitability for our customers. Be it an enrolment or allocation tool, a cloud-based communications platform, a profitability forecasting wizard or freshly designed API, we optimise businesses to improve their bottom line.

Meet the Founders

Amanda Read

Amanda is the technical one!

She is passionate about product design and pushes to ensure our software is relevant, dynamic and streamlined. Tell her something can’t be done and she’ll find a way! Amanda is acutely aware of the importance of customer feedback in the success of our company. She is a guru in agile philosophies. Thanks to Amanda EnrolNow platforms are regularly iterated and enhanced with a continual focus on human centred design.

Having previously worked with Qantas and Jetstar in both inventory and yield management as well as a start up software business (Hooroo), Amanda knew there was an opportunity to apply a more commercial process to the way waitlists and annual re-enrolments are managed in the childcare sector. An Arts Commerce degree and extensive corporate background have given Amanda the skills to identify if and how business processes can be improved, and to establish more efficient ways of getting a job done.

Amanda’s children, two little girls and cheeky young son, have attended community and private childcare centres. Through volunteer work with multiple kindergarten committees, Amanda became keenly aware of the exceptional work of staff. However, at the same time, she also recognised how hamstrung they were by out dated enrolment systems.

Tania Gray

Tania’s focus is on business development.

She loves to understand a client’s business and their uniqueness. Not surprisingly being able to tailor the EnrolNow solutions to each client and to each business is exciting for her. Collaboration and having a solution focus are her key pillars. With over 20 years in Sales and Marketing roles, she prides herself on the strength of her relationships. She is driven to deliver outcomes that create value.

With a Bachelor of Business and a background in sales and marketing, Tania regards herself as a people person. Tania spent the formative years of her career working as a Venue Manager for a major catering enterprise, where she coordinated large-scale events and was responsible for developing client relationships. Tania then accepted an Account Management position with a corporate promotional marketing division. It was in this role that she became particularly aware of the importance of maintaining strong partnerships through trust, attentiveness, responsiveness and reliability.

With three very active boys and a baby girl she has benefited from many childcare hours and enjoyed local community based kinders, Tania knows the significant impact a modernised enrolment system will have on Australian childcare centres and kindergartens.

Proven Results

“I very much enjoyed working with you as we get the whole thing up and running. You have proven to be extremely flexible and helpful, it is much appreciated.”

Kylie Hogan, President Nagle Preschool
When an offer is accepted, I am able to elect to send off all our paperwork automatically with a customised message explaining our enrolment process, this is such a time saver! Thanks to EnrolNow for filling a gap in the market and providing a wonderful, user friendly solution.
Nicole Taylor, Director | The Berry Patch Preschool Kellyville Ridge

“It was easy to use, I clicked on the link, quickly updated my child. Then it even asked if I would like to also update my other child’s records. So much easier than having to fill out a paper form and remember to return it.”

Jacqui, Parent of three

“The KIMS upload has cut my confirmation time down significantly. It probably saved me hours that I would have spent manually entering the children as well as reducing the opportunity for error. Having the enrolment form that had all the parent data as mandatory also meant we did not have to go back to our families repeatedly to ask for more information. Thank you!”

Karen Benson, Centre Administrator, Gembrook Preschool

“We have been using EnrolNow for a few years now and have found the program very user friendly and time saving. Our annual re-enrolment process has been a breeze, and not to mention the waiting list feature, which literally runs itself. Our centre is running at full capacity with the help of EnrolNow.”

Tahnee, Little Paddington Childcare and Kindergarten

Ensuring one central source of truth for each child, specifically designed for organisations offering Kindergartens, Preschools EYMs and Centralised Registration Schemes.

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