At EnrolNow, we’re dedicated to supporting preschools with innovative management software designed to streamline operations and enhance family engagement. Here are some real-life success stories from preschools using our software:

Efficiency and Time Savings:

Flora from Ellie V Pullin Preschool shared how EnrolNow saved them an estimated $3000 per annum in staff time. This efficiency allowed their administrative staff to focus more on fundraising initiatives, contributing significantly to their preschool’s financial health.

User Experience and Support:

Elisa from Brunswick Kindergarten praised our support team, saying, “Ryan and Matt are awesome, always supportive and efficient.” This is a testament to our commitment to providing outstanding customer support and assistance.

Enhanced Communication and Family Engagement

Karen at Gembrook Preschool described how EnrolNow’s email and SMS functions were essential in keeping families informed about important updates, such as session cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances. According to Karen, “Whenever we need information on a day-to-day basis – parent phone number, etc., it’s really easy to look it up. I love that it reminds us when vaccinations are due.”

Innovation and Future-Readiness

Another customer acknowledged EnrolNow’s role in their journey of constant change and innovation, stating, “The collaboration session that EnrolNow held made me see how EnrolNow are alongside us on our journey of constant change, but also ahead of us to help in the future.” They appreciated how our software not only supports current needs but how our team is always striving to anticipate future requirements, making it a crucial tool in their preschool’s growth and development.

Real-Life Success Stories of our Preschool Software