Introducing Transact, the EnrolNow One module for fees, invoicing and payments.


Introducing Transact, the EnrolNow One module for fees, invoicing and payments.

Please note this is offered as a separate license, available to all EnrolNow One customers.

Product Overview

Transact has been built specifically for EnrolNow One customers. Designed to support the unique invoicing and payment requirements of program based kindergartens.

Fully integrated with EnrolNow One to leverage the knowledge held in this system, to produce invoices and streamline payment collection.

Cut down on chasing overdue accounts, setting up independent invoicing systems and reconciling payments. Transact extends your EnrolNow One platform, enabling services to efficiently manage the collection of fees and other payments.

Product Overview

Fully integrated with EnrolNow One

Transact enables services to calculate fees, issue invoices, manage both recurring payments and one off payments, automatically reconcile payments, and provide management reports.


EnrolNow One contains all data required to calculate fees specific to each child.

Transact is fully integrated with your EnrolNow One platform, ensuring up to date and synced billing information:

  1. Child and Parent record with key information:

    • Contact details
    • Enrolment details (program type &
      start date)
    • Eligible funding details (KFS
  2. Programs details with associated fees

Children default to term-based payment plans. You can override and set individual payment plans if required (eg. monthly billing).

Payment Options

With Transact you have the flexibility to control how payments are made to your service.

Manage payment options in Transact with eDDR or Invoice options available.

Support electronic authority from parents with Direct Debit agreements for automatic payment of fees.

Request authorising ongoing fee payment with invoices and payment processed automatically.


allow families to elect to pay by invoice. Invoices will be automatically emailed on your defined dates with a unique payment link to ensure ease of reconciliation.


Email invoices to parents directly from Transact.

Invoice will be set to send automatically on defined dates.

Invoice specifics:

  • Your logo
  • Your payment terms
  • Specify the name of items on the invoice – eg Term Fee, Working Bee, Extended
  • Personalised to parent’s payment agreement, either:
    • Pay Invoice: parent clicks on button to pay via credit or debit card OR
    • eDDR invoice: will detail the charges that will be deducted from the nominated account or card on the specific date.

Management Reporting

Standard financial report formats available from within Transact for import to accounting software.

Reports available to download in csv file including:

  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Debtors Statement
  • Income Statement

All payments are reconciled in Transact. No requirement to set up family records in the accounting software platform.


EnrolNow have partnered with Payrix to offer a fully integrated payment gateway.

You choose which payment options are offered to parents:

  • eDDR (credit card or direct debit) and/or
  • Invoice (credit or debit card payment)

An Payrix account will be established, your organisation will be the merchant, with funds deposited directly into a nominated account.

Transaction fees apply. You decide if these fees are absorbed by the service or passed on the parent as part of the payment.

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