EnrolNow specialise in software to assist all aspects of enrolment processes with a specific focus on early childhood services. To this end we recognise that one solution does not suit all types of services. EnrolNow has developed two software platforms to ensure we deliver functionality that is tailored for your service and it’s unique requirements.

Designed for services that offer programs. Parents register their child by selecting from programs offered at specific services. This platform is suitable for;

• Kindergartens,
• Pre-schools,
• Councils managing centralised enrolments,
• Holiday programs,
• and other program organisations.

The multiple stages of collecting applications, program preferences, making offers and enrolments are managed by EnrolNow’s customised forms, emails and database. The CRM capabilities ensure services can have a one view of a child, capturing every detail along their journey.

General FAQ

What are EnrolNow’s data security and privacy policies?2023-04-13T03:20:01+00:00

View our privacy policy here.

Do you integrate with other software platforms?2019-05-16T03:49:50+00:00

All EnrolNow platforms are API capable and ready. We believe clients should be able to choose the best in class software solutions for their business, and key to this is supporting integrations.

To this end we never deploy technology for technology’s sake, our approach is to partner and integrate with complementary software, where it delivers value to our customers. Please talk to us about supported integrations or to explore the opportunity for new integrations to meet your business needs.

EnrolNow One FAQ

My kindergarten is part of a Centralised Enrolments scheme, will EnrolNow One still work?2023-02-09T03:25:06+00:00

EnrolNow One is a flexible platform and has been designed with task modules that connect to create a complete and customised process. The platforms can be tailored to meet each service’s unique requirements. We can pick up the process at the point that makes sense to your organisation.

If your kindergarten is part of a centralised enrolment scheme you may need the EnrolNow One platform to commence after children are allocated to your service. EnrolNow can upload enrolment lists as provided by council, automating customised offer emails (and program preference forms where required) as well as online enrolment forms to ensure the enrolment process is streamlined. Furthermore, all data is now easily exportable and customised reports make your day-to-day management that little bit easier.

For some services you may be able to take advantage of the EnroNow downstream API. This is available for services located in a council that uses EnrolNow for CRES. Where this is the case, a record of a child will become visable in the independant service’s EnrolNow platform as soon the council allocates children to your service. A seamless integration between 2 seperate EnrolNow platforms to ensure ease of communication and visablity of allocated children from Council CRES to the participating service.

Talk to us about your exact requirements and we will suggest the best solution.

What makes EnrolNow One different from other Customer Databases (or CRM’s)2019-05-16T04:01:08+00:00

EnrolNow One has been built for the early learning industry and more specifically for groups or services that offer program based care (such as kindergartens, preschools and holiday programs). The processes and communications are specifically relevant to your industry.

For example, a normal CRM contains contacts who are connected to an organisation… but in the context of the early learning industry this makes no sense. You want to see Children connected to Parents to generate a view of a Family.

With EnrolNow One we have setup a CRM style database that is ready to meet your requirements. Furthermore, customisation can be performed to meet your unique workflow. Some of the built in features specific to Program Based Care include:

  • Templated (yet customisable) forms for waitlists, service preferences, program preferences and enrolments
  • Templated (yet customisable) email templates for waitlist confirmation, program request, offer of enrolment
  • Customised workflow and process automation for your service
  • A suite of reports to support your day to day requirements
  • Fully exportable data and reporting for adhoc requirements
What value will EnrolNow One add to my business?2019-05-16T04:00:31+00:00

EnrolNow One will not only save you a significant amount of time, but it will also support your organisation to have consistent and professional interactions with families waitlisting and enrolling at your service.

EnrolNow One will add significant value to your business by:

  • Improving efficiencies and saving you time
  • Being a central source of truth
  • Providing increased visibility across your service as a whole and drilling down by program
  • Ensuring consistent and professional interactions with families


Proven Results

“The KIMS upload has cut my confirmation time down significantly. It probably saved me hours that I would have spent manually entering the children as well as reducing the opportunity for error. Having the enrolment form that had all the parent data as mandatory also meant we did not have to go back to our families repeatedly to ask for more information. Thank you!”

Karen Benson, Centre Administrator, Gembrook Preschool
When an offer is accepted, I am able to elect to send off all our paperwork automatically with a customised message explaining our enrolment process, this is such a time saver! Thanks to EnrolNow for filling a gap in the market and providing a wonderful, user friendly solution.
Nicole Taylor, Director | The Berry Patch Preschool Kellyville Ridge

“We have been using EnrolNow for a few years now and have found the program very user friendly and time saving. Our annual re-enrolment process has been a breeze, and not to mention the waiting list feature, which literally runs itself. Our centre is running at full capacity with the help of EnrolNow.”

Tahnee, Little Paddington Childcare and Kindergarten

“I very much enjoyed working with you as we get the whole thing up and running. You have proven to be extremely flexible and helpful, it is much appreciated.”

Kylie Hogan, President Nagle Preschool

“It was easy to use, I clicked on the link, quickly updated my child. Then it even asked if I would like to also update my other child’s records. So much easier than having to fill out a paper form and remember to return it.”

Jacqui, Parent of three

Ensuring one central source of truth for each child, specifically designed for organisations offering Kindergartens, Preschools EYMs and Centralised Registration Schemes.

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