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Case Studies

Our clients love what they do, nurturing and helping develop our children in happy, safe and secure environments. We’re proud to help make what they do just a little bit easier!

Childcare Centres - shared waitlist, no central enrolments team

Monash University were looking for a centralised registration system for 3 separately managed and run childcare centres. EnrolNow ensures that families can nominate preferences for multiple centres without creating an administrative burden for centre managers and supports centres to prioritise student and staff members for enrolments.

Sessional Kindergarten - Central Allocations, Enrolments managed locally
Waitlists and allocations are managed by the central Boroondara council team. However all enrolments are managed by the individual kindergartens. Fordham Avenue Kindergarten engaged EnrolNow to take their enrolments processes and forms online, ensuring secure and accurate data collection and huge time savings.
Primary School - tour bookings, waitlist and enrolments
At Camberwell South Primary School all waitlist and enrolment processes were phone and paper based. The school was facing challenges as it did not have clarity of enrolments for planning purposes. EnrolNow has helped CSPS automate the on boarding of new students processes all moved online.
Childcare centres - waitlists managed at centres with head office oversight

Foundation Early Learning operates over 30 childcare centres nationally. Before EnrolNow was implemented waitlists processes were inconsistent. EnrolNow has not only created significant efficiency savings at centres, but also ensured transparency of business performance for the centre support office.

Sessional Kindergarten - committee run waitlists and enrolments

Brookville Kindergarten is a committee run kinder managed entirely by a dedicated group of parents. EnrolNow was engaged to automate processes from waitlist, to offer and finally enrolments. All processes have been taken online with automated process management.

Sessional Kindergartens - central waitlist and allocations team

ECMS manage waitlist processes for over 30 sessional kindergartens centrally. EnrolNow was engaged to build customised waitlist forms for families to submit preferences online to the central team, driving a massive reduction in data entry from the ECMS enrolments team.

Independent Childcare Centre - Waitlist and Re-allocations

“We have been using EnrolNow for a few months and have found the program very user friendly and time saving. Our annual re-enrolment process has been a breeze, and not to mention the waiting list feature, which literally runs itself. You never have to worry about who is next on the waitlist as it is all pre-populated for you. Our centre is running at full capacity with the help of EnrolNow.”

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