Making the most of changed care requests

The annual re-allocation process is too often a complicated game of mix and match to meet the ever changing needs of families.

We recently analysed responses from the EnrolNow platform regarding changing care requirements from year to year. Whilst many centres use the new year as an opportunity to mature children through rooms and create vacancies for new younger children… it may surprise you to find that families changing care requirements drive much of the complication in the re-allocation puzzle.

A startling 46% of families change their requirements from year to year, comprised of:

  • 23% of families not returning the following year
  • a further 18% of families indicate they want to increase or reduce their quantity of days
  • plus, 5% will want the same quantity of days, but require them on different days.

EnrolNow can help you to capture families care requirements and efficiently allocate rooms to achieve customer satisfaction and higher occupancy. Book a demo now to find out more.