Think about websites you love, and the websites that irritate you. Where is your website on that scale?

I recently had to order a basketball uniform for my son, this simple task involved printing a PDF order form, filling it out by hand, then scanning it, before emailing it to the uniform email address. It struck me as parents we expect better, easier, more efficient ways to get things done. To be honest I put off the task three times because the process irritated me so much.

How easy is it for customers (parents) to find what they want on your website? How many steps are involved for parents to action why they came to your website?

It can be difficult to assess your service’s website, when you are so close to it. But let’s try to break it down and check if the basics are in place.

Put yourself in a parent’s shoes for a moment. A parent wants to quickly see the where they can submit an application or book a tour. talks about micro moments the importance of anticipating the micro-moments and providing a relevant and useful experience.

Decisions are made and preferences are shaped during micro-moments. In these moments, consumers want to explore, research, look for a local business and complete a task. They are drawn to companies and brands that deliver on these needs with an experience that is relevant and useful. 

Your website is working if you are generating interest in your centre. The ultimate goal is for the parent to book a tour and apply for care at your centre.

How can you ensure that their experience on your website is relevant and useful?

  • Have clearly labeled buttons or calls to action on your home page
  • Allow parents to immediately book a tour or submit an application via your website
  • Most importantly it should be quick & easy (avoid call backs, general enquiry emails or the need to create a password)

These simple and logical components will make a difference, because we all want to get things done then and there.

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