How do you manage changes to authorised nominees?

It is very common for parents to request additions to their authorised nominees throughout the year. Late in the year prior to starting kinder we ask parents to complete the enrolment form including authorised nominees and the all important authorisation to collect. It is not surprising that as their children settle and make new friends parents request additions to their authorised nominees.

How do you currently manage these updates? New paper form to be completed? Copies in the classroom, copies in the office?

A smart database can manage this so easily. This is yet another task that is streamlined with EnrolNow One.

With two clicks you can send a templated and personalised email to a parent who would like to add new authorised nominees. They submit these updates via an online form ensuring immediate updates to that child’s record. EnrolNow One ensures efficiency, up to date data, and a central source of truth. At any time the educator can refer to that child’s up to date record or extract reports by class showing all authorised to collect nominees.

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