Whilst EnrolNow Plus has been specifically built for the childcare industry, it has been built to leverage the best in class approaches employed in other industries. We do so in order to support our mission; to enable the early learning industry to be highly efficient, informed and profitable today, building brighter futures.

It is this determination to build best in class solutions (rather than automating or mimicking current processes) that differentiates EnrolNow. Unique to the EnrolNow product are things such as:

  • Focus on the experience of your prospective customers (parents), key differences include
  • Mobile friendly
  • Great user experience for families researching childcare options
  • No need for families to create a username and password
  • Families adding their name on your waitlist won’t be shown your competitors as an alternative option
  • Professional and streamlined communication to keep your waitlist and existing families engaged
  • Occupancy Maximisation
  • The EnrolNow allocation algorithm which automatically matches availability to parent’s care requests (using your centre specific allocation rules)
  • Childcare groups can elect to share their waitlist internally between centres that are geographically close to one another resulting in; more efficient processes, a more professional experience for families and increased occupancy opportunities
  • Understanding families flexibility in care requirements to ensure occupancy maximisation\
  • One click re-allocations to automate process and increase occupancy when planning for the following year
  • Reporting and insights
  • Customisable solutions (no one centre is the same)
  • Forms can be customised to meet your centres specific needs
  • Drag and drop allocation rules