EnrolNow One has been built for the early learning industry and more specifically for groups or services that offer program based care (such as kindergartens, preschools and holiday programs). The processes and communications are specifically relevant to your industry.

For example, a normal CRM contains contacts who are connected to an organisation… but in the context of the early learning industry this makes no sense. You want to see Children connected to Parents to generate a view of a Family.

With EnrolNow One we have setup a CRM style database that is ready to meet your requirements. Furthermore, customisation can be performed to meet your unique workflow. Some of the built in features specific to Program Based Care include:

  • Templated (yet customisable) forms for waitlists, service preferences, program preferences and enrolments
  • Templated (yet customisable) email templates for waitlist confirmation, program request, offer of enrolment
  • Customised workflow and process automation for your service
  • A suite of reports to support your day to day requirements
  • Fully exportable data and reporting for adhoc requirements