EnrolNow One is a flexible platform, and has been designed with task modules that connect to create a complete and customised process. The platforms can be tailored to meet each service’s unique requirements. We can pick up the process at the point that makes sense to your organisation.

If your kindergarten is part of a centralised enrolment scheme you may need the EnrolNow One platform to commence after children are allocated to your service. EnrolNow can upload enrolment lists as provided by council, automating customised offer emails (and program preference forms where required) as well as online enrolment forms to ensure the enrolment process is streamlined. Furthermore all data is now easily exportable and customised reports make your day to day management that little bit easier.

On the other hand, EnrolNow One can also manage the huge task of centralised enrolments across a council or large EYM. Parents can complete online application forms and submit preferences from a customised list of services and programs. These preferences are collated, prioritisation data is collected and full data sets are exported for allocation.

Talk to us about your exact requirements and we will suggest the best solution.