Monthly avg churn rate at childcare centres is 8%

Understanding the pattern of churn at your centre and understanding how it compares to the industry average can provide interesting insights into the health of your centre. It also helps focus on the importance of a strong waitlist and ensuring you have good processes in place to manage those on the waitlist.

At EnrolNow we see an average monthly churn rate of 8% across our centres. Of course the churn is extremely seasonal, its not unusual to see it rise to 40% in Dec / Jan and sit closer to 2% throughout the remainder of the year.

This level of churn helps explain why Centres Directors are spending hours and hours managing waitlists. Its an important part of ensuring you are running a successful centre with stable occupancy rates.

Whether it is managing the day to day churn throughout the year or the significant reshuffles in Dec/Jan, the EnrolNow platform will support increased efficiency and optimisation of your waitlist.