I recently had to order a basketball uniform for my son, from the club’s website, it was the most drawn out process. It struck me that as parents we expect better, easier, more efficient ways to get things done. I put this off 3 times because the process irritated me so much. I had to print the PDF order form, fill it out by hand, scan the form, find the lovely uniform volunteer’s email address and email it to her. I should say this is a community basketball club, the focus is not on processes that make the customer’s journey easier.

How does your childcare centres waitlist process work, is there is a more professional interaction to have with customers?

Why have digital software solutions been so long coming in the childcare industry?  In banking, travel and telecommunications customers have the choice to perform almost all functions online.

If your centre still has a folder full of paper based waitlist forms, or excel sheets full of waitlist data, don’t worry you are not alone! For whatever reason, online digital solutions have taken a while to come to the childcare industry.

Many centres have online capture of waitlist registrations, but still either print off the enquiry or add it to an excel database.  Many centres still need to manually respond to each email. This is not really an online solution but merely a data capture exercise.

There are many benefits of an online waitlist software solution, here we explore the key benefits to your customers and to you.

1. Your customers crave an online option

As of January 2017, mothers in the United States spent an average of 211 daily minutes browsing the internet on a daily basis, compared to only 138 daily minutes of TV consumption. It was also found that smartphone ownership among mums had overtaken laptop and PC ownership.

These types of parents want easy, efficient ways of getting things done. Yump.com talks about micro moments and advises companies to Anticipate the micro-moments and provide a relevant and useful experience.

Decisions are made and preferences are shaped during micro-moments. In these moments, consumers want to explore, research, look for a local business and complete a task. They are drawn to companies and brands that deliver on these needs with an experience that is relevant and useful. 

source: www.yump.com.au

Ensuring you engage with your potential customer immediately is so important. Allowing them to easily perform the task of registering on your waitlist, will not only increase your waitlist but also adds value to your engagement with your potential customer.

Printing a PDF, creating a password and user name, or sending a generic enquiry email is no longer enough. Your centre should offer the parents the opportunity to register on your waitlist when they want to – then and there in that micro-moment


2. Work Smarter – Not Harder

Without a software solution the associated backend processes are tedious. There is no reason why these processes can’t be better streamlined.

Imagine a solution that would:

  • Send a receipt email to parents immediately
  • Ensure the parent’s waitlist registration is immediately applied to the relevant room & day waitlist
  • Ensure no data entry for the centre administration
  • Requires no filtering of waitlist or shuffling paper based forms as children grow older and move to a new room


3. Professional Conversations with Customers

Inevitably parents are anxious to know how their application is progressing. They will often call a centre numerous times to keep in touch. With a software solution, the centre admin can quickly access a child’s waitlist application. No flicking through a folder or trying to decipher an excel list of data.  A fast professional conversation that confirms the details of their child’s registration can fill a parent with confidence.

A waitlist software solution can also validate ongoing waitlist registration via email interactions with parents. These professional interactions can cut down incoming calls as parents are reassured the centre knows exactly what they are hoping for!


To find out more about implementing a waitlist solution at your centre why not get in touch