Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

I declare that I, (a person with parental responsibility of the child referred to in this enrolment form):

  • Authorise the Approved Provider, Nominated Supervisor, or an educator or in the case of Family day Care, the family day care educator to seek
    • Medical treatment for the child from a registered medical practitioner, hospital or ambulance service, and
    • Transportation of the child by an ambulance service, and
    • if relevant, an authorisation given under regulation 102 for the Education and Care Service to take the child on regular outings.
  • Agree that I am responsible for any expenses incurred during a medical emergency in relation to the child;
  • Agree to collect or make arrangements for the collection of the child if he or she becomes unwell;
  • Understand that in an emergency situation or where evacuation is necessary that the child may need to leave the Education and Care Service under the direction and supervision of the approved provider, nominated supervisor or educator;
  • Have read and understood the Education and Care Services policies including the ‘Payment of Fees’;
  • Declare that the information in this enrolment form is true and correct and undertake to immediately inform the Education and Care Service in the event of any change to this information.