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The EnrolNow difference

At EnrolNow we are focussed on delivering solutions that not only make managing enrolments easier, but also improve commercial outcomes for our customers.

Maximise Occupancy

Unique to EnrolNow is our failsafe allocation formula which provides suggestions to enable you to achieve the optimal occupancy structure at your centre.

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childcare increase occupancy

Time Saving Features

Automated communications and one click allocations mean you save precious time, better spent with children, parents and team members.

EnrolNow can automate waitlist validation processes, preference requests for future years and eliminate data entry. Furthermore, integrations to leading marketing tools ensure automation of your customer journey management.

The efficiencies do not stop here though, EnrolNow is more than just a waitlist storage system or a communications system. This intuitive platform performs a match in real time between parents care requirements, your centre specific allocation rules, and vacancies.

Increased visibility of business performance

Easily export your waitlist and enrolments data into excel to perform advanced calculations.

EnrolNow also supports dashboards and insights to increase transparency of business performance and provide actionable insights to drive improved commercial outcomes.

Childcare performance reporting

Multi Centres – shared waitlists

With the EnrolNow shared waitlist functionality you can choose what centres should be grouped together for the purpose of sharing waitlists and leads. Parent’s can apply for care for their child on one form by simply preferencing the grouped centres. Not only does this approach deliver a simpler and more professional solution for families. In addition, for the centres it improves efficiency and occupancy with a common knowledge of all applications held and enrolment offers.

Easy to use with secure access to your data

The EnrolNow platform was built with the user journey at the forefront of every design decision. We recognise the huge amount of information that you (our customer) need to draw on to ensure you meet the requirements of your customers. We have developed an easy to use platform to make your processes easier.

EnrolNow takes every reasonable measure to ensure our platform is secure. EnrolNow software is built and managed in Melbourne, Australia. We partner with industry recognized hosting and security service providers to keep our platform safe for our customers’ content.

Childcare data privacy

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